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For more than 40 years we at Mulhouse have been leading lift entrance manufacturers. We are lift entrance manufacturers for all types of lift entrances for private and commercial sector clients. With in-house manufacturing facilities, we offer a complete end-to-end service including up-to-date design using 3D CAD drawings. So, if you’ve been looking for trusted lift entrance manufacturers to manufacture and supply your bespoke lift entrance, contact us today.

    What type of lifts are there?

    As top lift entrance manufacturers, we work with a selection of lift types. Whether you require a commercial lift, industrial lift or residential lift, we have the solutions for you. Here’s our guide to the different types of lifts that we work with…

    Passenger Lifts

    Our passenger lifts are suitable for installation within a variety of sectors. We are lift entrance manufacturers for residential settings, offices, hospitals, hotels, shopping centres, public buildings and more.


    Good Lifts

    As top lift entrance manufacturers, we provide goods-only lifts or goods and passenger lifts which boast high-performance lifting capabilities of up to 2500kg. They are highly robust and manufactured to an extremely high quality

    Fire-Safety Lifts

    For use in the event of a fire, our fire-safety lifts are essential in many commercial and industrial environments. As top lift entrance manufacturers, you can trust that the lifts that we provide will keep you safe in the event of a fire.

    Of course, if you are installing a lift car, you will also need a high-quality lift entrance to complement it. Fortunately, we are lift entrance manufacturers who are committed to quality, bespoke results.

    Our Lift Entrances

    As professional lift entrance manufacturers, our lift entrances are robust, vandal-resistant and durable. We are confident in this claim as we know of sites still in operation 20 years from their original installation. As your choice of lift entrance manufacturers, this makes our entrances a more financially sustainable option due to their longevity and build quality. Our entrances comprise a framework, landing door/doors and a full-depth landing architrave.

    We offer lift doors in a variety of configurations, lift elevator specifications and features including:

    • Single-speed side opening.
    • Two-speed side opening.
    • Two-panel centre opening arrangement.
    • Can be finished in either 316 or 304-grade stainless steel.
    • Are supplied with two door shoes and one central kick plate.
    • Can be issued vandal-resistant locks or use our fully stainless steel euro-release escutcheon.
    • All are made with a two-hour fire rating in accordance with the standard EN81-58:2018.
    • Our entrances are pre-drilled for GAL operating equipment to minimise installation time.
    • Options for:
      • Vision panels in the doors.
      • Push buttons in the architrave.
      • Indicators mounted in the header section of the architrave
      • Engraving to the architraves.
    Bespoke Fabrication | Lift Fabrication | Mullhouse
    Bespoke Fabrication | Lift Fabrication | Mullhouse

    How do you design a lift entrance?

    As professional lift entrance manufacturers, we have extensive experience in designing lift entrances. Drawing on our experience, the process of designing lift doors couldn’t be easier, and we can complete the work in four simple steps…

    Contact us

    Contact our lift entrance manufacturers to discuss your lift requirements and we will provide you with a quote. This ensures that there are no hidden fees or surprises along the way.


    Our entrances are designed using state-of-the-art 3D CAD software. We will provide you with high-quality renders complete with 2D drawings for the finer details.


    As leading lift entrance manufacturers, all lift entrances are manufactured using our CNC machines.


    We will deliver your brand-new, high-performance lift entrance. We also provide an after-sales support service should you need it.

    Our Related Services

    Gear Rafts and Guarding

    As well as lift entrances we also manufacture lift safety equipment such as gear rafts and guards. When a lift engineer is conducting maintenance, repairs or lift installation, they need to be protected against risk. Whether that’s in the machine room, lift shaft or lift car top, there needs to be adequate protection in place. We manufacture high-performance gear rafts and guarding for this very reason. Without them, engineers could face life-changing injuries. Contact us for more information.

    Steel Fabrication

    As well as lift entrance manufacture, we also offer steel fabrication services. A steel fabricator creates products or structures from raw materials, such as metal. By manipulating, bending and assembling these raw metals, we can create a variety of products for several applications. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information.

    Bespoke Fabrication | Lift Fabrication | Mullhouse

    Why choose us?

    Bespoke Fabrication | Lift Fabrication | Mullhouse

    Quality, High-Performance

    We understand the importance of quality services to deliver high performance. We aim to design and manufacture our products to exceptional standards.

    Bespoke Fabrication | Lift Fabrication | Mullhouse

    40+ Years of Experience

    We are long-established lift entrance manufacturers, slings, lift cars counterweights, steel fabrication, gear rafts and guarding and many more.

    Bespoke Fabrication | Lift Fabrication | Mullhouse

    Customer Service

    We work alongside our clients to ensure our service is the best we can provide and pride ourselves on an efficient manufacturing process and after-sales support service.

    If you’re looking for reliable lift entrance manufacturers, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.