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At Mulhouse, we specialise in the manufacturing, supply and installation of lift entrances for clients across the United Kingdom. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide expert fabrication services in the most cost-effective and efficient manner. This guarantees that each of our clients receives the lift entrance they envisioned. Whatever your requirements may be, we will ensure you receive a service tailored to your requirements. Bespoke lift manufacturing is our speciality. For this reason, we can promise you will not be disappointed with our products. We pay excellent attention to detail to ensure a flawless finish at all times and we also provide excellent communication. So, when looking for lift entrance manufacturers, don't settle for less than the professional finish that you deserve. Contact our friendly team at Mulhouse today and we will take care of all the hard work to ensure you receive the lift entrance you envisioned.

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    Lift Cars, entrances and car frames are engineered as a standard package. Drawings modified to your requirements and our prices will remain competitive.

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