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Lift entrances and GAL door operators, easy assembly with quality build

Established in 1979 and specialises in the manufacture of lift cars, lift entrances and doors, car frames, counterweights, faceplates/boxes, car stations and indicator systems, as well as safety work for the lift industry.

The combination of the Mulhouse entrance and GAL door operators has been proven over the years to be the complete answer to both vandalism and the requirement to provide reliable and durable service for years to come.

Since 1979 we have manufactured well over 12500 complete entrances and door panels. Over 8500 complete entrances have been installed in local authority housing estates.




Quality designed to suit your needs

Here at Mulhouse we understand that quality and design is the key to successful installation. Our aim is to design and deliver the best products for your company and individuals.

Mulhouse guarantee that:

  • Entrances comply with BSS 5655 Part 13 (Force Tests) and most arrangements are fire rated.
  • Lift Cars, entrances, car frames, counterweights and gear rafts are engineered as a standard package.
  • Drawings modified to your requirements are supplied free of charge and our prices will remain competitive.
  • Site back-up is available.

Mulhouse, we do the job right! Get a quote online today! 

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